How to build a Dealer Engagement Program

Out of the box and in just a few hours!

Creating Kademi sub accounts

How to setup a sub-account from your Kademi master account.


Part 1: Creating a website

Learn how to setup your first website and switch on the relevant APPs you need to build your dealer engagement program.


Part 2: Setting up a reward store

Learn how to upload a product library, create categories and setup your first reward store.


Part 3: Creating an auction

In just a few minutes, create and configure your first live auction.


Part 4: Polls and dashboard alerts

Setup your polls and dashboard alerts in minutes.


Part 5: Adding training content

Easily setup your training program structure and start designing your module pages and quizzes.


Part 6: Organization hierarchies 

Learn how to upload a list of dealers into an organization hierarchy.


Part 7: Setting Up Groups And Permissions

Create groups, set permissiosn to segment your users.


Part 8: Setting up the sales claim app

Learn how to setup the sales claim APP using a data series.


Part 9: Design the dealer dashboard template

Drag and drop application components into a template to build the dealer dashboard.


Part 10: Design the dealer claims template

Drag and drop application components into a template to build your dealer claims page.


Part 11: Other templates

Learn about Kademi application templates.


Part 12: Review so far

See where you are up to and how to fix any issues on the fly.


Part 13: Creating a journey

Learn how to create a journey to manage the sales claim emails and notifications.